Alain Di FabioFull Stack Developer

Since 2010, a freelance full stack developer. I have always been involved in digital transformation, digitizing paper processes or Excel sheets for companies, creating custom software capable of managing these processes.

Today, my activity primarily involves supporting the 360-degree development of products such as a Mobile App or Web App, integrated with each other to create an ecosystem capable of making work in companies more efficient or distributing an app to the general public.

Mobile App

I develop your Mobile App for Android and iOS.

In development, it is important to analyze aspects of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Both go hand in hand to provide the best user experience possible through the most accurate and usable user interface.

A Mobile App involves the integration of various services, such as authentication, notifications, or real-time chat. To integrate these features, it is necessary to develop a back-end capable of handling these functions and making them available to the front-end of the app. This is why developing a Mobile App also requires experience in developing Rest API calls, which are essential for integrating all the features.

The final process of an app is its publication in various stores and maintenance. With a Mobile App, development never really ends, as it is conditioned by software updates released by Google and Apple to remain on their stores and prevent the app from failing to work on some devices.

Web App

The substantial difference between a Mobile App and a Web App is the location where it is executed and clearly also the languages and infrastructures necessary for its operation. Indeed, a Web App is an app executable from any browser and from any device with internet access.

A Web App can often mean: a business software, an administrative panel of a reserved area, an interface for consulting data contained within a database, and much more. Thus, we are talking about products that in most cases interest an audience that accesses with credentials.

Through a Web App, it is possible to create a custom software made specifically for one's needs, directly accessible from the browser without the need to install any app, always available thanks to the cloud where it resides.


I have known Alain for a short time, but I can certainly affirm that he is a professional and has developed a truly excellent App for me. He is competent and diligent, and he dedicated himself to the project in an exemplary manner producing an excellent result from all points of view. Congratulations Alain.

Gaetano C.

Alain is a volcano of ideas, always ready to discuss and question himself. His competence and passion make him an excellent leader, involving everyone in his projects. Curious and stimulating, he manages to convey his values and ideas with extreme ease and clarity. Working with him is an opportunity for professional and personal growth, a uniquely enriching experience.

Stefania C.

Alain is a person full of ideas and proposals that he makes available to anyone who needs him in their project. Technically, he is very prepared and up-to-date on the latest technologies, moves with ease across a very broad range of technological areas, and is always constructive and available to support people he collaborates with.

Flavio A.